Friday, May 15, 2015

update on my dad, botox, quilting troubles

My dad is still in the hospital.  I've talked to him every day and he wasn't getting information from the doctor about what was going on so I called and talked to a nurse today.  I sort of lost it because I wasn't sure if I needed to fly out there today or if I could wait until school was over so I could stay longer for a visit.  She said, oh, honey, he's not in immediate danger!  That's when I started crying :) I love my daddy!

So the doctor called me back and I'm happy for the update, but not happy for the news. My dad had a heart attack 11 1/2 years ago and ever since, his heart has been working overtime. He had a pacemaker put in about a year ago and they put in a 2 wire instead of a 3 wire. They told him in January he should come in to get the new one in. He told the doctor that if he just exercised a little more, the pacemaker would work better. His heart is tired. Because of that, his liver isn't working properly and is starting to shut down. They continue to run tests to figure out what they can do to help the liver. He also has diverticulitis, which is being treated with antibiotics, which just takes time, which is one of the reasons they are keeping him so long. His blood pressure is really low, because of the heart not working and it's why he's so tired. In order to increase his blood pressure, the doctor is changing around his heart medicine which makes his heart work harder which makes the liver have more issues. Catch 22. The doctor said he isn't in any immediate danger, but we are never promised tomorrow. I wish there were flying cars.

My dad is getting old (83 1/2) and body parts are starting to wear out.  I hope I am going as strong as he is when I'm 83.  But then I'm never getting older than 25, so I'm not sure how that's going to work.

I had today off to get some more botox injections.  They were way more painful this time around and I'm not sure why.  The doctor put them in the same places as last time and said to mark my calendar for 6 weeks from now to call his office to schedule the next appointment for 10 weeks from today for the next round so they start just as this round wears off since it worked so well last time.

It's been an eventful day.

Oh, and I got the new handlebar buttons in for my quilting machine and THEY DON"T WORK!  One is a used one, which I'm not too happy about and which I will be taking back.  It has cracks where the buttons are and I'm not paying $220 for a used part and that's the one that completely stopped working and controls the speed so I'm not sure it still isn't the problem.  If that doesn't fix the troubles, I don't know where else to go from here.

Today will not go down as the best day of my life.


Sue Niven said...

Sending love to you for so many reasons today. xxx.

Cathy said...

I send you love and prayers from Arizona. I hope you can see your dad soon.