Saturday, May 16, 2015

getting better is hard work

 my dad is still in the hospital and will be through at least Monday.  He's bored and tired of waiting around with nothing to do.  He went out for a walk today and had lunch in the sunroom with my mom.
She's bored too, sitting around waiting for him to get better.  They both wish he could go home to get better since he's mostly just sitting around and he could do that at home.  What they do't' realize is that there are a lot of people working hard to make sure he is getting better.  All of the doctors running tests and reading the results and nurses checking up on him all the time is what is helping his body recover.  I talked to my sister today and from what she said his body was completely shutting down when my mom brought him in on Tuesday.  He had been sick for a week, but hadn't gone in to see the doctor.  He was in sepsis and the diverticulitis was really bad.  He has to have IV antibiotics because they are much stronger than any pill you can take and they also have to cut back on his heart medicines because his blood pressure was 76/27 when he got in to the hospital.  

I've been sitting around most of the day, wishing I could be there to keep them both company, knowing he is in good hands, but feeling helpless all the same.

I came across this good article on stress and now I feel a little more motivated to get something done around the house.

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