Monday, May 4, 2015

and that's 100

So I've reached the goal of 100 9 inch squares and got them packed up to ship off.  That means I will be starting the next box.  I have lots of yarn around here and spend a couple hours a night watching TV.  I had quite a few 7 inch squares so they just needed a couple extra rounds to bring them up to size.  Some were made from scratch, but most were almost done.  It's nice not having to weave in the ends of the yarn and not having to lay out the blocks to make the design.  I like just crocheting and not thinking about what goes where.

Only 23 days left of school and the countdown is weighing heavily on me now.  I sorted through some tshirts tonight to find a few more so I can make it without having to repeat.  There are some that I save for themed units in teaching, like today's May the 4th (May the Mass Times Acceleration) be with you since today was Star Wars Day and then I have a Blue Footed Boobie shirt I wear when I show a Galapagos Island video and it's rough keeping track of over 300 tshirts.  One of these days I will get organized with them all, but for now, I'm pretty good about the special occasion ones and have those hanging in my closet.  The ones I can wear just any old day are in boxes in my bedroom and I open a box and wear every shirt in there until it is empty and then move on to the next box.  Most have stupid sayings on them, or a cute graphic that makes me laugh.  Everyone needs a hobby right?

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