Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dusted off the machine

I need to make room to quilt a quilt for my husband's favorite teacher from high school.  This is the closest person he has to a father and he gave my husband much guidance through high school when my husband's life was pretty crazy.  My husband lived on the streets during 11th-12th grade and wasn't sure where his next meal would come from.  Mr. Edwards was a major reason my husband kept going back to school every day.  Imagine having to wear the same stinky clothes every day and not being able to shower.  High school kids aren't exactly the nicest and most understanding people in the world.

Well, last week Mr. Edwards fell and hurt his shoulder.  He had to have a complete shoulder replacement and can't use his hands.  He will be in rehab for another 4 weeks so having a bright, cheery quilt will hopefully make him feel better.  His daughter said he had so many visitors they were asking everyone to please stay away for a little bit, he was just too overwhelmed.  He has impacted many lives.

Gotta get busy on his quilt later today.  This little quilt has been patiently waiting on the frame for about 3 weeks while I played with my embroidery machine.  Now that my first 'order' of hats is done (15 for the RoboVikes) I can get back to quilting.  It was fun to quilt this while the embroidery machine did its thing.  Now if only I had a robotic quilting machine, I could really multi task. Dinner might even get cooked!


Sue Niven said...

I can relate with your husbands story, I too have spent years on the street, some of them during my school years too. My husband is My Hero, He say something in me and took me in. I can say we are very happy together (30 years). I wish the teacher a full recovery.

KaHolly said...

He is going to be so very pleased!!