Sunday, October 9, 2011

Binky Sunday

Today was Binky Sunday and although I forgot the camera at home, I did manage to snap a picture on my phone.  The ladies played with my Go! fabric cutter and sewed together these drunkard's path blocks.  One lady took them home to sew together with the rest of the blocks that were cut out and will bring them back next time when the top is all sewn together.  We were just messing around with the layout so who knows what the final quilt will look like.  I just love love love this block and the many design patterns you can come up with. And Karen had so much fun sewing the pieces together.  The first thing she asked was, who has a pin?  I showed her how easy it was to sew it together without pins because of the little notches in the block.  She has the Go! cutter on her Christmas list :)


Connie said...

Great colors and blocks!

Alycia said...

THose are such great colors. Is it hard to sew the curves?