Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Frustrating machine

My quilting machine is giving me fits again. I've tried changing the needle, rethreading, sanding the needle hole, changing the thread, bobbin and every other suggestion that has been given to me. The thread just either skips stitches or breaks about every 12 inches. I thought I had the problem figured out because I had the bobbin in backwards. Who knew there was a wrong way to put in a bobbin? Well, I hadn't used the machine in a while so just put it in the way I thought it always went in and then went back and read the instruction manual and realized it is supposed to go in clockwise. That helped for one whole quilt. But then it started up again. I thought maybe I just had a bad bobbin, so tried several others and nothing seemed to help.

The machine is in the shop now getting a full work over. Hope he can figure out what the trouble is. Maybe the timing is off??? I'm hoping after a week of vacation the machine will be ready for work this summer. I know I am ready!

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