Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy Sunday

Today I got up and decided I was going to work in the sewing room. No pictures to share, but I worked most of the day, taking breaks and getting distracted by found treasures. At the end of the day I have 39 quilt kits put together for others to sew together for me and 20 quilt kits for me to work on. Most of them were at least partly done already and needed one more fabric cut to make the quilt kit complete, but some of the kits were started from scratch as I looked for fabrics to finish off a kit. My daughter helped a lot, pulling fabric and saying, 'this goes together'. I have no sense of color and usually put horrible colors together so that really helped a lot.

I felt like I cut 1,000 yards of fabric, but it was probably closer to 100. That's still a lot of fabric for one day's cutting.

Most of the kits are stripie quilts from I have to say those are some of my favorite quilts to quilt. They are really quick to sew too. They take me about an hour to sew together. If you need a quick gift, they would be a favorite choice. I also finished up some buttonberry stashbuster quilts that needed a few pieces to make them a complete kit. I also found some patriotic stashbuster quilts that needed a piece or two and they are ready to sew. I need to get in the sewing room and start working on some of these kits, but it is hard when I have about 40 quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

I am hoping that tomorrow I can pass along some of these quilt kits so my busy bees can get to work putting them together for me.

I'm excited to get some of this fabric out of here. I'm making room for the fabric that is waiting patiently in the shed and garage. I think tomorrow I will bring in a couple of buckets and see what has been hiding out there. I don't think I will run out of fabric anytime soon.

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