Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thrift Store addict

So confession is good for the soul and it is confession time.  I have become a Thrift Store addict.  Hoarding runs in my family and I know that one day, someone will find me burried in all of my treasures, but for now, I am happy searching for them at the different thrift stores in the area.  On the day after Christmas, my daughters and I went looking for the Goodwill outlet in Sacramento.  We went to the wrong one, but did find a great sale with 50% off all clothing and came home with lots of great deals.  I collect t shirts with stupid sayings on them and I think I found 13 to add to my collection. 

Well, after searching the internet again, I found the correct address for the outlet store and headed off there this morning.  I got there before they opened, but was soon joined by the regulars.  How did I know they were the usual customers?  They all knew each other and as soon as the doors opened, they all ran to grab a shopping cart and pushed their way to their favorite bins.  It was crazy!

These blue bins are full of clothes and about every 5 minutes the workers would take a bin away and bring out a new one.  The customers would move aside and swarm the new bin, grabbing everything that looked clean or new.  Didn't matter the size, they grabbed it and shoved it into their shopping carts.  Obviously they were going to resell things, most likely at a swap meet.  Hey, whatever works for them.  I did find a few things for the kids and a couple of t shirts for me and will definately go back another day.  The adventure was definately worth it!

I got my Thrift store fix for the day and now need to finish grading final exams.  The semester ended before break this year which is something new and I don't like it.  I have to work over my vacation and it has really put a downer on my time off.  But, work must be done and then I will feel better so off I go!

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