Sunday, December 11, 2011

Binky Sunday

Today there were 6 of us who worked during the 3 hours and tied 9 quilts.  Not bad!  I have hope now :)  I also have some plans for using my students to do some catching up with the many, many quilt tops Carla and I have been collecting.  There just seemed to be no way to get caught up, with my shoulder troubles and her robotic quilting machine issues, but now that tying quilts seems to be a viable option, Carla has planned a quilt day for January 6 and I have another Binky Sunday for January 15 and we hope to use both of those days as quilt tying days.  I plan to have my students come after school to pin the quilts.  With about 10 safety pins in the quilts, the quilts can be taken to a smaller area to be tied.  It takes a lot of space to lay the quilt out to pin it, so that's going to be a problem at the next quilt day at Carla's.  It if isn't raining, and it isn't super cold, we can put some students outside to sit in the sun and tie the quilts, but chances are there will be some rain, cold or fog in January, so we have to have a backup plan.  I'm hoping that by having some students come for a couple of hours after school, they can lay out the quilts, batting and backing fabric, get the pinning all done and then on quilt day, the quilts will be ready for tying and a couple of students can work together in a smaller space and won't need a whole table to work on.  Carla has quite a few tables.

I might just need to have a quilt day at my high school and use all of the science rooms.  We have a lot of big tables and if we could get 100 kids helping out, we could whip through lots of quilt tops in no time.  We could have a room set up with people putting the binding on and finish up lots of quilts in a day.  Hmmm.  Sounds like a plan is coming together.  I might just talk to the Honors Society leaders and see what they think :)

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