Saturday, November 26, 2016

It has been too long

It has been almost 4 months since I've posted and although I have good reasons for abandoning the blog, it's time I came back to the land of the living and documented my life again.

My quilting machine is broken still and I have nothing to show in that area, but I am still alive and kicking and have much to be thankful for!

It looks like the drought here in Northern California is about to be over.  At least at my house.  We are having lots of rain and I need to find someone to fix the gutter above my front door.  The gutter is clean, but the downspout has been clogged for years and when it rains really hard, the water pours over and right in front of the door.  I went into the garage looking for some stuffing for a doll I'm working on and the garage was flooding.  The water was coming in through the wall and into the garage.  Time to move some stuff and get things off the floor.  Luckily it only rained hard for about 15 minutes.

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