Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Any science teachers looking for a job?

Less than two weeks away and they still haven't hired a science teacher to fill the empty position at my school.  That could mean a few things.  #1 They hire someone at the last minute who is amazing who was out all summer exploring the world and just now realized that school is starting and they probably should look for a job.  #2 They hire someone who has interviewed at lots of schools and nobody wanted to hire them and we are desperate so we take our chances and they turn out to be a great teacher. #3 We can't find anyone and there are 5 of us who end up teaching an extra class and we all go insane by the end of the year.

My money is on option #3.  It's not like they (the people in charge-who have worked all summer) haven't had all summer to find someone to fill this position they knew was open since March.

Anybody want to come and work at my school?  We are really nice sometimes and will help you with curriculum.  The kids are good some of the times-at least as good as any teenager can be these days when they would much rather do anything besides what you ask them to do.  I mean it's not like they bring guns to school EVERY day or anything. :)  I really do love my job most of the time.

Any takers?

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